Geopointe Pledges $1 to Charity for Every Badge Scanned at Dreamforce

Geopointe Pledges 1$ to Charity for Every Badge Scanned at DreamforceHow Geopointe, Salesforce & Pledge 1% are Making a Difference

This year at Dreamforce, Geopointe is putting a unique spin on typical fundraising efforts. For every event ID badge scanned by a Geopointe team member, a dollar will go to charity.

Donations, Diversity & Doctors (without borders)

The donations will be given to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), an international organization dedicated to providing medical care for people across the world – no matter their race, ethnicity or beliefs. As an organization, MSF is built on humanitarian principles and cultural diversity – just like Geopointe.

“Recognized as the Top Brand in International Aid and recipient of the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize, MSF delivers emergency medical relief to victims of war and disaster, regardless of politics, race, religion, or ethnicity in nearly 70 countries,” as stated on the Official MSF website.

Geopointe Pledges 1$ to Charity for Every Badge Scanned at Dreamforce

Our Core Values

As an organization built in the Salesforce ecosystem, Geopointe and Salesforce have near identical philanthropic values. According to Scott Hemmeter, CEO of Geopointe, those values have been at the core of Salesforce for as long as he’s been a part of the Salesforce ecosystem. “Even before Pledge 1% was created it was still a core principle that Salesforce practiced and promoted – especially at Dreamforce. In fact, that’s where I first heard about the idea of Pledge 1%,” said Scott.

Since then, Scott has made concerted efforts to keep Geopointe regularly involved in charitable causes. He’s also made sure to open Geopointe’s doors to charities in need of a top geolocation solution through Salesforce, offering a special discount to nonprofit organizations.

Geopointe Pledges 1$ to Charity for Every Badge Scanned at Dreamforce

 ‘Compassionate Capitalism’

Badge scanning is an expected part of Salesforce events, as it streamlines networking and lead generation for both businesses and attendees. By itself, it’s essentially a cut-and-dry vehicle for commerce. But, when you add philanthropic importance to each badge scan it gives the exchange an authentic feeling of fulfillment.

Born from the concept of  “Compassionate Capitalism,” famously coined by CEO Marc Benioff, efforts like Geopointe’s 1-for-1 scan concept has become more and more frequent at Dreamforce and other Salesforce events. In fact, today, Salesforce events have become a hub for philanthropy, social justice and forward thinking.

Geopointe Pledges 1$ to Charity for Every Badge Scanned at Dreamforce

Powered by Pledge 1%

Pledge 1%, the driving force behind philanthropy in the Salesforce ecosystem, is a special initiative that was officially established in 2016. Their goal is to accelerate a shared vision of every business around the globe integrating philanthropy into its corporate DNA. They provide support and resources for charitable initiatives for businesses all over.

“Pledge 1% and Geopointe have been working side-by-side to maximize the exposure for this amazing program,” said Julie Dunn, Director of Marketing at Geopointe. “Not only is this a great opportunity for the Geopointe team to get involved at Dreamforce,  but it empowers the thousands of Dreamforce attendees to also get involved, simply by visiting Pledge 1% booths and getting scanned. Getting involved with Pledge 1% is really a no-brainer and we’re grateful to the Salesforce Pledge 1% team for all their assistance and resources to boost the visibility of this great program,” added Julie.

Geopointe Pledges 1$ to Charity for Every Badge Scanned at Dreamforce

Stop by the Booth! (#236 & 238)

This year, in addition, it being Geopointe’s first year as a Silver Sponsor, we’ll be having not 1, but 2 booths for you to stop by. Swing by the booth to meet our team, watch a quick demo and redeem Geopointe SWAG! But, before you take off, be sure to save a second for a scan.

Excited about Dreamforce? Follow the link below to learn what else Geopointe has planned for the event!

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