This Week in Salesforce: IDC, AppExchange & All-things Ohana

This Week in Salesforce: IDC, AppExchange & All-things Ohana

As a home-grown Salesforce app and a Gold ISV Partner, Geopointe has seen first-hand the excitement of being partnered with the fastest growing CRM. The latest IDC report addresses the impact of the Salesforce Ecosystem on the overall economy which we’ve summarized below.

New Industries, New Growth

“The Salesforce economy’s largest impacts on industries will be in finance, with the forecast creation of $164 billion in new business revenue and 585,000 new jobs” 

In 2017, Salesforce continues to provide economic stimulus to industries across the entire business ecosystem. A new IDC report showed that Salesforce is set to help six major industries generate substantial revenue and job growth from 2012 to 2016. Here’s a quick look at the numbers.

Industry Revenue Created* New Jobs*
Financial Services $163.7 billion 584,995
Manufacturing $159 billion 638,296
Retail $92.6 billion 401,355
Government $50.9 billion 221,640
Healthcare & Life Sciences $68.2 billion 244,096
Communications & Media $89.8 billion 360,451


Like Salesforce, Geopointe provides custom solutions across a wide-range of industries, with new use cases regularly popping up in untapped sectors. More specifically, 2017 brought about noticeable growth in the Healthcare and Financial sectors. Glance up at the table and you’ll notice those same industries.

Boosting the Bottom-line Through Innovation

71 percent of IT is tied up in the maintenance of legacy systems and routine upgrades, stifling innovation

One of cloud computing’s most appealing offerings is actually the byproduct of efficiency, as it allows companies brightest minds to steer away from medial maintenance tasks on old software. Shockingly, 71-percent of IT professionals are burdened by this issue, according to a survey IDC conducted in 2015.

Through Salesforce – the leader in cloud computing – organizations are able to steer IT professional toward innovation, which is showing to have a significant financial impact for many companies. From dealing with customers every day, Geopointe can attest to this, as we are constantly being asked to provide innovative solutions for their business needs.

The Flourishing Salesforce Ecosystem

IDC estimates that in 2017, for every dollar Salesforce will make, the ecosystem will make $3.67. By 2022 that figure will be $5.18

Always giving back, the Salesforce Ecosystem is built around companies being able to win alongside their customers, so it’s no surprise that IDC unveiled statistics that show that the Salesforce ecosystem will actually bring in more revenue than Salesforce. In fact, as the figure above shows, the difference is greater than a 3-to-1 ratio, which is pretty astonishing.

This Week in Salesforce: IDC, AppExchange & All-things Ohana

As a company that aims to reflect the win-win principles of Salesforce, Geopointe emulates those values with our partners. Beyond the numbers, the comradery this approach promotes leads to amazing client relationships.

Driving Development Through the Cloud

“Using the Salesforce Platform development tools cut their development time 40 percent compared with traditional development methods”

The stats that IDC produced surrounding the development side of the Salesforce ecosystem were arguably the most impressive. With so many companies building new products and services, a 39-percent decrease in time to market is absolutely groundbreaking and speaks to the proficiency of the Salesforce Cloud.

This Week in Salesforce: IDC, AppExchange & All-things Ohana

At Geopointe, our development team is constantly working on building the absolute best geolocation product for Salesforce users, and it’s hard to imagine that being possible without the streamlining and budget-cutting tools that Salesforce gives us as our foundation.

Want to check out the entire IDC report? Follow the link below to explore the economic impact of Salesforce!

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