Meridian Leasing Discovers a More Strategic Approach to Sales & Marketing with Geopointe

Meridian Leasing serves several industries to deliver custom solutions to organizations across North America. “At the core of our business, we take industry-specific challenges and build programs and solutions tailored to the business’ needs. For that reason, it’s critical for us to build and deploy a world-class marketing machine to support and drive sales as well as showcase our expertise and experience in the industry,” commented Scott Schrader, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Meridian Leasing.

The Challenges

Meridian Leasing operates with a sales team across the U.S. working with clients, partners and prospects. Schrader shared some of the challenges they faced:

  1. They wanted to plan events with customers & prospects but lacked a system to identify the ideal locations.
  2. They had no way to identify the connections between their Board members and their 5-star prospects.
  3. They were using area codes for territory management, which was unreliable.
  4. They needed to determine which territories to invest additional resources in.

Why Geopointe

Geopointe is native to Salesforce allowing end-users to easily access the Geopointe map without leaving the Salesforce platform.

“Having our sales team logging in and out of multiple solutions is counterproductive to increasing their efficiencies. The fact that Geopointe works right inside Salesforce and Salesforce1, allows for a seamless end-user experience. Geopointe is also the most highly reviewed geolocation app on AppExchange and offers competitive pricing which assisted in solidifying the decision for our entire team,” said Schrader.

The Results

“Geopointe has addressed all of our challenges and provides us with added insights we never expected. The application allows us to do more with our data and be more strategic in our approach to sales and marketing,” Schrader shared. Here are some of the results the Meridian Leasing team has experienced since using Geopointe.

  • They can plan events based on the geographic concentration of prospects and customers.
  • They have the ability to perform radial searches around specific locations using a quality score which has enabled them to have a successful board member referral program.
  • With Geopointe they can create and access a territory map at any time and create territory assignments by zip code, giving their entire team greater visibility and understanding of their assigned accounts.
  • They can hire more effectively by understanding exactly where the highest density of 5-star prospects are located.
  • Overall, their entire sales team is more productive and their sales process is more efficient, ultimately reducing the cost per sale.

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