6 Data-driven Tips for a Frenzy-free Fourth of July

This Fourth of July, Americans will be celebrating 241 years of freedom, and even after celebrating our independence for nearly one-quarter of a millennium, honoring the Stars and Stripes never ceases to get old. However, this fun-filled summer celebration also comes with its fair share of crazy crowds, frantic freeways and overpacked airports. Luckily, many of those issues can be avoided with a precautionary plan guided by geoanalytics.

Using data mapping and good old fashion research, we’ve mapped out a plan to help keep you safe, sane and smiling all the way through the grand finale this year:

1. Locate the Perfect Firework Show

Image source: www.find.mapmuse.com

Whether you head to the local high school’s firework show or a critically acclaimed spectacle of sparks, if there are fireworks to be seen anticipate a sizable crowd. Luckily, as the experts in all things data-mapping, we’ve discovered a handy solution to help you identify where and when firework shows are taking place so that you can outmaneuver the masses and land a prime spot for the show. Simply use the link below to find a firework show that suits your time, size and location preferences..


2. Grab a Blanket & Pick a Park

Not one for crowds and chaos? No worries – just follow the Geopointe methodology and let maps work their magic! Simply Google “Nearby Parks,” pick out a low-key location with an acceptable view of the nearest firework show and enjoy the spectacle on a cozy blanket. After all, similar to front-row seats at the movies, close seating isn’t always an upgrade – especially for those of you looking to relax..


3. Care for Your Car, or Else…

Image source: AAA.com
According to AAA, 44.2 million people are expected to travel this Independence Day, 37.5 million of which will be driving. That’s a fairly substantial climb from last year – 2.9 percent to be exact. Additionally, the number of motorists that AAA rescues is also set to rise to above 338,000 this year. That considered, you don’t want to be one of the unlucky few caught under the beaming summer sun with a burnt-out battery or misplaced keys. Ensure your freedom to travel this Independence Day and – if needed – take your car in for a routine service. After all, there’s no price on peace of mind come celebration time.[1]


4. Arrive Early to the Airport (Even More than Usual!)

Fourth of July Air traffic
Image source: Hopper.com

Flying to your destination? Expect more delays than usual, as – similar to road traffic – airports are likely going to be notably busier than last year. Air travel is expected to increase by 4.6 percent from last year’s numbers, which means travel troubles are sure to be very easy to find. No matter where your destination is – near or far – all it takes is one little misstep to hinder your freedom to fly to your Independence Day Destination.[1]

.See Flight Data


5. Steer Clear of Marathon Mayhem

Independence Day has become one of the most popular days of the year to run in a competitive race. In fact, last year 329,620 people participated in a race on the Fourth of July, more than any other calendar day, except Thanksgiving. What’s more, 586 Fourth of July races were planned in 2016, which is an 18-percent climb from the previous year. But if you’re aiming to travel somewhere that crosses paths with these freedom-loving fitness buffs, you should probably plan around them. In fact, recent studies conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine even found serious cause for concern with the citywide delay, as even ambulances arrived 4.4 minutes slower to the hospital on days when a marathon was in town.[2]

.See Race Schedules

6. Beat the Heat with H2O

Image source: www.climate.gov

For most Americans, Fourth of July often represents the point where summer truly starts to heat up, as “June gloom” fades away and the sun shines it’s brightest. But a long day under those radiant rays of sunshine can take its toll on your body, especially for those who work primarily indoors. So, take the necessary precautions to stay hydrated this Fourth and keep a large bottle of water nearby to preserve yourself long enough to see the fireworks flicker with freedom.

.Check the Weather


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