7 Reasons to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

With so much information online these days it can be tough to decipher where you and your business should invest your time, money and resources. The long list of digital services and products that gets pushed on you every time you open an app or a browser window can make it easy to overlook the inherently valuable services that provide a legitimate return on investment (ROI). Such services still exist though, and Google My Business is one that is well worth the time for those of you striving to enhance your company’s digital presence.

1. Gain Immediate SEO Value

When customers search for your business on Google they see two things: the top relevant search results for your business and a preview of your Google Maps listing. The opportunity to pick up that type of digital real estate for free is practically unheard of in today’s day and age.

Now, consider this, the person searching for you likely already has an interest in your business, and the location listing that shows up can be optimized with images that draw attention and links that convert customers directly to your website. That’s an extremely powerful conversion vehicle for any business model – B2C or B2C.

2. Access Valuable Insights

Your Google Maps location listing isn’t just an SEO tool either! Once you claim your account, you’ll gain access to useful information about the people that searched for and found your page – some of which isn’t available in Google Analytics. Here are just a few examples of the information you’ll gain access to:

·  The search terms they used to find you
·  The total amount of recent page views
·  The ZIP code they’re searching from
·  The total amount of people searching for you

3. Promote Prominent Events

Follow Salesforce on Twitter? You’re certain to see frequent postings about Dreamforce come wintertime. That’s because industry-leaders like Salesforce have fine-tuned their marketing strategy to put an emphasis on promoting big events on their digital mediums. So, be sure to take a note from an industry leader and use your Google My Business to promote your biggest events!

No matter what type of marketing material you have, Google My Business listings make it easy to plug your image, video and copy assets into your customizable page! This allows you to promote your event without investing time in additional content marketing resources.

4. Help Customers Easily Find You

These days, when we need a product or a service, most of us simply “Google it.” That considered, it makes great sense that you’d optimize your business listing’s information on the very service that made that phrase a thing.

From your hours of operation to providing an accurate location to find you, having an accurate Google listing is integral if you want to earn the business of potential customers searching for you through Google. Also, consider that “18 percent of local searches and 7 percent of non-local searches performed on a smartphone lead to a purchase within a single day,” according to a study conducted by Google. You don’t have to be a marketing guru to know that’s a powerful way to convert customers. [1]

5. Enhance Your Presentation

When people find your business through Google Search or Google Maps, you want to make a lasting impression. After all, whether they’re a potential prospect or a longtime loyalist, every chance you get to make a good impression should be a priority.

Enhancing your digital presentation doesn’t require a degree in graphic design either. In fact, there are some simple solutions, such as adding a pre-existing YouTube video or a high-resolution image to your listing that can immediately spruce it up.

6. Get More Positive Reviews

According to the Pew Research Center, roughly eight-in-10 Americans (82 percent) say they consult online ratings and reviews when buying something for the first time. With that type of power over potential customers purchasing decisions, you can see why prioritizing online reviews on your official Google listing is so integral to your business’ success. [2]

From monitoring your reviews and providing custom responses to comments, there are a variety of ways for you to generate more positive reviews. In fact, simply optimizing your page using this article’s ideas should provide a better experience for your customers, and a happy customer will be more inclined to leave a cheerful review!

7. Update Your Google Maps Listing

Customers who are traveling to your business on the road are likely to search for your business using the Google Maps app, and the quality of the listing that shows up could make a valuable first impression! Google My Business listing manager allows you to log in to your account and update this information to make the best possible impression upon your soon-to-be visitor.

There are numerous ways to enhance your Google Maps listing through the Google My Business platform that you’ll be able to take advantage of to make your customers path to purchasing a product easier and less stressful. When you make that process easier, sales numbers should return in kind.

If you haven’t already claimed and optimized your Google My Business listing, don’t wait! Get started today to begin optimizing your online presence!

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[2] http://www.pewinternet.org/2016/12/19/online-shopping-and-e-commerce/ 

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