How Nonprofit Ecology Action Manages Territories to Boost Productivity

How Geopointe Helped a Nonprofit with Small Business Make a Big Impact | Geopointe

Nonprofit organizations are pillars within the communities they serve, delivering impactful change to their cause.  For Geopointe customer Ecology Action, that cause was focused around making a bigger impact on the critical drought conditions.

In March 2016, Ecology Action, a nonprofit organization providing innovative energy, water and transportation solutions to communities across California, partnered with Geopointe for assistance with their WaterLink Program. Their main goal was to educate residents of Santa Clara County about water conservation methods and set into action small ways each person could help make a big impact on the serious drought issues facing the state

Senior Program Specialist, Danielle Kish, and her team were looking for a way to cover as much of their assigned territory as possible, reaching the most people in the most efficient manner possible. Their field team went to restaurants, single and multi-family residences, discussing with the staff and tenants how small changes in their behavior could result in large impacts on saving water and energy while replacing pre-rinse spray valves, showerheads and faucet aerators with more efficient models. In working with the Geopointe team, WaterLink established the best processes for their team. Polygon shapes were drawn of the flood zones. This information was overlaid with a KML file that represented their service areas. Their field representatives then used Geopointe’s Salesforce mobile routing capabilities and nearby search features to manage their daily appointments. With the help of Geopointe, WaterLink was more productive in the field and able to approach their territories in a more strategic manner. This increase in productivity ultimately resulted in a 300% increase in grant funding for the coming years.

Ecology Action’s experience is just one story in the library of customer success stories using Geopointe to map Salesforce data. If you are a nonprofit organization trying to make a splash for your cause, Geopointe would love to help by offering your non-profit special discounted pricing. Visit our website to request a Geopointe Demo today.

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