The Latest Geopointe Release is Sure to Give your Business a Boost

We’ve been buzzing around the office for months now anticipating this latest release that will add a tremendous amount of value to businesses using Geopointe inside Salesforce. Beginning Tuesday, March 21st, the latest Geopointe features will be available on AppExchange to manually update your system.

So what are these exciting new features you ask? The list is extensive and details can be found on our Release Notes page, but here are our favorites.

Build Shapes from Text (USPS Zip Codes)

We are constantly adding features to Geopointe to improve the ease and flexibility our customers need when working with geo-location data inside Salesforce. The Build Shapes from Text feature, particularly valuable to users transitioning from other mapping platforms, allows you to import zip codes to create your geographic shape to define territories, regions or boundaries. Whether your zip code data currently resides in an excel, .CSV, or text file, you can easily copy and paste that data directly into Geopointe.

We plan to support other shape types as well in the future.

Scheduled Route Stops

Geopointe has long provided users the option to optimize their routes which automatically orders your route stops based on the most optimal travel time. When the optimize box is unchecked, your stops will remain in the order you manually place them. The new scheduled routing feature considers the duration set on a route stop or, better yet, specific start/end times for a route stop. Optimizing a scheduled route will sequence all stops with start times in the order specified. For any stops with only a duration (e.g. 1 hr) set, but no specific time set, Geopointe will run its algorithms to determine the best place in the day to fit that stop into the route. This will be based upon a combination of distance-based routing, travel time analysis and considerations made for the duration of that stop. The result is the user getting a super-optimized route right down to the minute with specified gaps of time so the user is able to add in some more stops that day.


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