Good as Gold! Geopointe Achieves Salesforce Gold Partner Status

We are pleased to share that Geopointe, the number one rated geolocation application on the Salesforce AppExchange, has been named by Salesforce as a Gold Partner. This achievement further illustrates our commitment to the Salesforce platform, it’s growing ecosystem and the customers they serve around the world.  Geopointe is focused on improving the Salesforce user experience by filling a crucial role in helping end users understand the “Where” in their Salesforce data while streamlining processes and improving efficiencies.

2015_sfdc_dev_user_official_badge_gold_isv_partner_light_rgb_1-0Demands for solutions that help you better understand your data and make more informed business decisions based upon geographic information are higher than ever. As a Salesforce Gold Partner, Geopointe is better positioned to align its roadmap to meet the needs and growing requirements of Salesforce users and their complex use cases across all industries of all sizes. Salesforce currently boasts over 2,700 registered partners, so it is certainly an honor to be named one of less than 50 Gold Partners. This puts Geopointe in the top two percent of registered Salesforce Partners.

To learn more about Geopointe, visit our website or begin a free 15-day trial today.

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