Map Your Way to Customer Satisfaction


Measuring customer sentiment is a critical aspect to ensuring your organization is delivering awesome customer service. More importantly, when your business appropriately leverages customer satisfaction data to make informed decisions, you can also improve your bottom line!

Internet Creations developed the mobile-friendly, 100% native Simple Survey for Salesforce app to enable your organization to quickly collect customer satisfaction data, using Net Promoter Scores? (NPS) or Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT), and easily track metrics in real time. Using Geopointe to location-enable the feedback collected through Simple Survey, you can design more effective and successful marketing campaigns, sales strategies and employee training programs.

Want to learn more about how using Simple Survey and Geopointe together can empower your sales, marketing, and customer service teams with more meaningful decision-making capabilities? Sign up now for an exciting joint webinar, “Map your Success with Customer Satisfaction Data,” set for Nov. 10 at 1 p.m. Eastern (10 a.m. Pacific).

Why Simple Survey…

With Simple Survey, customers can respond to a survey with one-click directly from a mobile-friendly email. In fact, it is just as easy for someone to respond to the survey as it is to delete the email, increasing response rates. Optionally, customers can provide additional feedback on a customizable landing page.

Simple Survey eliminates survey fatigue and reduces survey abandonment. Controls are in place allowing you to define survey frequency. As a result, abandonment and deletion rates are dramatically reduced and survey response rates are exponentially increased.

Simple Survey & Geopointe – Perfect Together

The combination of Simple Survey and Geopointe is powerful; users can drill down into customer feedback by location, visualizing their NPS or CSAT data geographically.

* Identify at-risk accounts by mapping low survey scores. A sales team can more effectively plan their limited time and travel dollars to visit both at-risk accounts and high revenue accounts using Geopointe’s routing feature.

* Plan Identify and develop targeted customer success strategies by region based on your Simple Survey metrics, allowing you to better allocate your talent management and training dollars. Or kick it up a notch with gamification: create friendly competition between your regional customer service centers by using heat maps to indicate what regions are receiving the highest survey scores.

* Customer feedback collected by Simple Survey for Salesforce, combined with other data sets such as regional census data, can help make budget decisions for local pay-per-click marketing campaigns or effectiveness of regional product variations.

demographics layer with heat map

Bottom line: Geopointe gives Simple Survey data regional relevance.

To see more examples how Simple Survey and Geopointe can empower your company, sign up now for the joint webinar: “Map your Success with Customer Satisfaction Data“, set for Nov. 10 at 1 p.m. Eastern (10 a.m. Pacific).


To learn more about Geopointe and install a free trial, visit the Geopointe AppExchange Listing.

To learn more about Simple Survey for Salesforce and install a free trial, visit the Simple Survey AppExchange Listing.

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