Leveraging US Census Demographics to Improve Sales


Mindful that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, Geopointe mapping software for Salesforce includes a  rich menu of US Census data. For our U.S. based customers, this is not only a rich source of demographic data on their clients and prospects, but also offers great insights into their target market or a potential market. More for our non-U.S. based customers at the end of this post.

A wide variety of data is available, using a simple selector. After deciding how to overlay the information, the next step is to understand the granularity offered.

You can even define how detailed you’d like to view your statistical data; by state, county, or other. Tip: For the Census Tract and Census Block Group, zoom in on the map for best results.

Once you have the data displayed to your liking, start thinking out of the box. Some examples are:

  1. Before deciding on a location for a new factory, check the average age of residents to determine if you have a suitable, potential labor pool.
  2. Can you support another retail location in a given area? Household income is a good place to start.
  3. Can’t decide the location of your next Asian speciality market? Let’s look at the ethnicity of a given neighborhood.

Even if your business doesn’t need this kind of data and even if it isn’t located in the US, the census data is an important demonstration of very important features in Geopointe mapping software for Salesforce. This information is present as an overlay, using a special type of file called “KML”.

With KML files from government, industry, or academia, Geopointe users can easily display almost any data in their system. The US Census materials are really just an example of the vast array of possibilities available to you. For more information, contact a Geopointe representative today! Visit our AppExchange listing for more information on Geopointe.

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