AppExchange Enables the Epic Journey of Geopointe

Today, the Salesforce AppExchange celebrates 10 years of success and Arrowpointe could not be more proud to be a part of an ecosysystem that offers Salesforce customers such a rich collection of resources.

The evolution of Arrowpointe and its success began shortly after joining the AppExchange in 2007. At the time, our solution was Arrowpointe Maps, and like most startups we were in the process of figuring it all out.  On June 7, 2010, we introduced Geopointe, a new and improved mapping application to map Salesforce data. Popularity grew quickly as the demand for visualizing your data geographically became more and more necessary and businesses became more complex. Arrowpointe has continued to deepen its integration and customization by releasing approximately 4 feature releases a year with a total of 20 feature releases in the past 5 years and 3 major user-interface redesigns.


I tell this story because Geopointe solely integrates with Salesforce and is only available on the AppExchange, and while this allows us to completely focus our efforts on the needs of our Salesforce users, it really is a testament to the success of the AppExchange and startups like Arrowpointe that have truly built their business on the ecosystem.

Geopointe is now one of thousands of apps available on the AppExchange. But among those thousands of applications, Geopointe is proud to be the top rated mapping application with over 340 reviews,  holding a 4.9 star review-rating and is one of the top 10 most popular applications on the AppExchange. In 2015 alone, our company doubled in size and it continues to grow as we near 23,000 Geopointe users.

CEO, Scott Hemmeter, commentedâ?¦

“Our story is testament to how the combination of the Salesforce platform and AppExchange enabled an entrepreneur to start a business on their own and grow it into the thriving business. I’m in awe and thankful of the economy that the AppExchange has created and I’m honored to be a Partner celebrating success alongside Salesforce and the entire AppExchange ecosystem.”

Aside from our solid partnership with Salesforce, our customers have elevated our success to a whole new level and it is our customer success stories that illustrate the true business impact Geopointe has made in all organizations, of all sizes, across all industries, including nonprofits.  Customers are utilizing Geopointe for some of the most unique purposes, but it is our top 10 use cases that nearly every business can benefit from. Many of those common use cases highlight features such as these:

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If you are not one of the thousands of Salesforce users leveraging the power of Geopointe, take advantage of our free 15-day trial available on the AppExchange for as many users as you’d like. For each AppExchange app installed today, January 14th, the Salesforce AppExchange will donate $10 to Girls Who Code, a nonprofit that educates, inspires, and equips high school girls with the skills and resources to pursue opportunities in computing fields.

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