A Cornucopia for Navigating the Holidays

There’s no doubt that here at Arrowpointe, we’re grateful for our amazing customers. Many of us took this week off to extend our holiday; as a result, Thanksgiving well-wishes started last Friday. We spent a solid 20 minutes in our company chat room gushing over one another, saying how thankful we are for each other and the dedication among our company colleagues – yes, seriously. Most of all, we agreed about how thankful we are to have an incredibly supportive customer base who have helped us grow at lightning speeds this year. We owe our customers a huge THANK YOU for higher then ever renewal rates,  5 star reviews on the AppExchange, and contributing to all our successes this year.

In these days leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday, our social media feeds and emails flood with holiday posts. We all get shares on everything from turkey tips to house décor, on giving back and those ever-important travel tips.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here is my cornucopia of favorite posts.

Because we’re the makers of Geopointe, and love our maps and anything to do with maps, I must start with a couple favorite travel-related posts, like these Thanksgiving Travel Tips  from travelchannel.com. They also include a great video on how to safely navigate the roads, great for long commutes and hazardous conditions.


AAA is always good for interesting travel statistics, including this info-graphic above from the AAA Newsroom. This post from AAA – 46.9 Million Americans to Travel for Thanksgiving, According to AAA – provides even more data about this week’s holiday travel.

This list wouldn’t be complete without how to cook a Turkey from foodwishes.com.  I have personally used this recipe on more than one occasion and it never disappoints. If you need an easy, fool-proof recipe for a delicious Thanksgiving Turkey, this is it.


And last but not least, my favorite, heart-warming post for this week, This Michigan Restaurant Won’t Let Anyone Eat Alone On Thanksgiving. No one should have to be alone on the holidays, but the reality is, some are. I’m thankful there are people in this world, like George Dimopoulos, to give anyone a seat at his table.

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