Lightning Strikes Geopointe

The Lightning Experience is the next generation user-interface for the Salesforce platform. This long-awaited update brings a much more modern look and feel for Salesforce users across any device –  desktop, tablet and mobile. As described by Salesforce, it is

“A modern, productivity-boosting user experience designed to help sales reps close deals lightning fast.”

Although it may take time for many to transition to the new Lightning Experience, you can count on Geopointe to be Lightning Ready when you are.  As of September 30th, Geopointe’s Lightning release is available on the AppExchange for Geopointe users interested in updating their Geopointe install manually. All Geopointe installs in production systems will be updated automatically on Saturday, October 3rd.

Geopointe in Salesforce Classic Mode

Although, Geopointe’s Map page has been updated to reflect the look and feel of Salesforce’s new Lightning Experience, users staying in Salesforce Classic mode will notice the updated styles, but encounter no change in functionality.

The main places you’ll notice the updated look are:

  • New “Salesforce Sans” font
  • Buttons in the pin info window and elsewhere
  • Some modal windows: Create Record, Add to Campaign, Change Owner
  • Tables: Mapped Data table and Related Records tables

Geopointe with the Lightning Experience

Users who switch to the Lightning Experience will also see the updated styles.  While all standard Geopointe functionality is still supported, you may need to update custom actions you have created to be compatible with the Lightning Experience.  Custom actions that are most likely to be affected by the Lightning Experience are URL actions.


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