June Release of Geopointe – NOW AVAILABLE!

Geopointe’s June 2015 release is now available on the AppExchange. To see these new features in-action, watch the recording of the overview webinar demonstrating the latest features or take a look at the release notes. Some exciting highlights of this new release include:

Google Geocoding

Geopointe will begin using Google as its geocode provider.  Google is the best in the geocoding business in terms of depth and accuracy and has incredible global coverage. Google geocoding should result in much more precise map pin placement, especially for our customers outside the US and Canada.


Language Translation

We are extremely happy to announce that Geopointe will support four new languages in our June release. The languages Geopointe will now support are: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.


 Interactive In-App Help

We’ve made it even easier for users and admins to get answers to their questions by adding interactive help inside of Geopointe. Plus, we’ve added several interactive walk-throughs for new users and admins to get started with Geopointe. This interactive help feature will speed up the on-boarding process for new users and help veteran users reacquaint themselves to Geopointe and discover new features.

For a complete list of new and upgraded features, please read the June Release Notes.

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