Salesforce AppExchange Hits 3 Million Installs

This week, Salesforce’s AppExchange announced a milestone with 3 million installs.  According to the article,  “Seventy-one percent of all Salesforce customers use apps, and about half of all customers have at least two apps installed”. Delivering Geopointe, the top rated mapping application and one of the top 10 most popular applications on the AppExchange, Arrowpointe couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this successful ecosystem that enables businesses to tap into a goldmine of resources.

CEO, Scott Hemmeter, commented…

“Our story is testament to how the combination of the Salesforce platform and AppExchange enable an entrepreneur to start a business on their own and grow it into the thriving business. I’m in awe and thankful of the economy that the AppExchange has created and I’m honored to be a Partner celebrating success alongside Salesforce and the entire AppExchange ecosystem.”

Power of the Platform: Salesforce AppExchange Hits 3 Million Installs

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