Announcing Exciting New Geopointe Features

This new season is the prefect time to spring into the latest version of Geopointe. This upgraded version introduces some of the most popular features requested including, data set folders, assignment plans, revamped demographics and so much more. To see these new features in-action watch the webinar, or take a look at the release notes. Some note-able highlights of the release include:

Data Set Folders.png

Data Set Folders

Geopointe and Salesforce System Admins will have the ability to create and edit Data Set Folders for the organization, create refined visibility rules by folder and set permission levels for users.


AssignmentPlans Search.png

Assignment Plans

As one of the most exciting features to be rolled out since our Salesforce1 launch, assignment plans will automatically match up your Salesforce data with geographical boundaries that you define in the background.  With the resulting data, you could use it to drive workflow rules, assignment rules, territory management rules, personalization in your marketing automation system and so on.

Revamped DemographicsCensus Demographics.png

Census data is now coming directly from the U.S. Census Bureau to provide the most accurate data available and deliver more metrics for searches. This improvement will allow us to build even more “map layer” features for upcoming Geopointe releases!


 Other features include…

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For a complete list of new and upgraded features, read the release notes!

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