Location Enabling Linvio Events with Geopointe

Do you plan & manage Events in Salesforce? There’s a great tool called Linvio Events that can be used to help you manage invitations, attendance, collecting payment upon registration and so on. Location is an extremely relevant aspect of Event Management. Geopointe location-enables Linvio Events.

How Geopointe fits in is very similar to how it might into standard Campaign Management. Common use cases for Geopointe include:

  • Map contacts in specific locations and use those results to populate your invitation list.
  • Map the registrants for an Event you are managing to understand where people are traveling from and tailor your travel content accordingly.
  • Mass analyze your historical event registrant locations to help determine where to hold a future event
  • Much more!

The webinar we held is below. Please watch it if this sounds interesting to you. Contact us with any questions.

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