Introducing the New Geopointe Help Center!

Back in 2012, we revamped and expanded the Help Center. That page has served us well, but we decided to start 2015 with a Geopointe Help Center facelift!


The fact is, Geopointe is growing. And hey, that’s awesome – we’re glad to have every last one of you. But that also means the need for support continues to grow. We spent the last couple of months transitioning our support system to for that very reason, and we’ve now moved our knowledge base there, too.

So what do you get out of this facelift? We think quite a bit!

  1. New organization – On the old site, we lumped things together by role. We’ve decided to make the site topical instead. Now articles are organized by what aspect of Geopointe they refer to: Map Objects, Data Sets, Salesforce1, etc.
  2. New content – Yes, we’ve been adding new content during the move, and intend to keep doing so! The largest growth has been in Troubleshooting – helping you work through common error messages without having to talk to us.
  3. Smarter search – The new search is thorough; if what you’re looking for is on the website, you should be able to find it.
  4. Rate the articles – We try our best to gauge what information is important to you without overwhelming you. Sometimes, we get it wrong. Or we don’t get something updated as quickly as we should. Now you can tell us when we get it wrong. You can also tell us when we get it right, which gives us warm fuzzies.
  5. Check on your cases – If you register yourself as a user, you can actually keep track of your cases from the Help Center and see the current status.
  6. Smarter case resolution – You can of course still email us, but we love the new screen for logging a case. Why? It’ll search the support center while you’re typing, to try and get you an answer before you send it. Time saver for both of us!

This move will make our Customer Success department better able to serve you. We hope you like the new site. We’re definitely excited!

Head on over to and let us know what you think.

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