CRM 101: How to Rock Geolocation in Higher Education


Businesses across America have been moving to the cloud in droves – and learning institutions are no different. Schools and universities everywhere are adopting the Salesforce platform to facilitate admissions, recruiting, donor services, and more – and both students and faculty have reaped the benefits that come with being a connected campus. Just like their for-profit counterparts, Salesforce Administrators at colleges and universities are finding out how much they can achieve by adding geolocation to their CRM.

We recently caught up with Aron Kuch, a Senior Admissions Analyst who functions as a Salesforce Administrator at the College of Charleston. Kuch is hooked on geolocation and offered to share the successes he’s seen with CRM and geolocation at the College. How’s it work?

College of Charleston uses TargetX to find, engage, analyze, and enroll the right students – all in the cloud, from anywhere on any device. The TargetX team has built a powerful solution for college admissions based on their deep experience and expertise; Aron then combined the proven processes in TargetX with the power of geolocation to make the College even more efficient in recruiting and admissions. So Aron now uses the Salesforce platform and pre-built AppExchange solutions to engage students at every step of the way. Pretty amazing! But how about the results?

Join TargetX on Thursday, December 11, to see this in action and view Kuch’s A+ results. Learn how you, too, can move students through the prospect, application, and decision processes more efficiently (and cost effectively!). It’s so easy to add geolocation tools to your repertoire, and any institution – big or small, public or private – can reap the rewards. 



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