First Mile is creating a healthy future with Geopointe

Environmental companies are an interesting study. While they’re paving the way for a sustainable future, they’re often stuck in the past with regards to technology. Fortunately, the cloud allows companies to update their systems and practices while minimizing their carbon footprints.

Recently we heard a fantastic Geopointe + Salesforce success story from First Mile, London’s largest commercial recycler. First Mile provides pay-as-you-go recycling services, making more than 10 million collections a year. Their customers recycle at least 75% of their waste – impressive.

But First Mile’s antiquated sales processes couldn’t keep up with the speed of its business. The field sales team recorded new leads on paper (!!!), manually adding them to Salesforce several days – or weeks – later. They needed to be able to react to information faster. Already hooked on Salesforce, they turned to the AppExchange, where they found Geopointe. Let Sarah Morgan, a marketing executive at First Mile, tell you about the experience in her own words:

Before we discovered Geopointe, the field sales team would go out with clipboards and pencils to record information. Now they carry iPads that are connected to Salesforce and visit leads mapped out using Geopointe. Every time they add, visit, or change a lead, it’s automatically updated in Salesforce and the team in the office is notified.

Here’s an example to show just how useful Geopointe is. In June, a member of our field sales team saw a new branch of a popular retail chain opening. He pulled out his iPad, located the brand’s other branches on Salesforce via Geopointe, and discovered that one of the other London stores had experienced some problems with its supplier. After a conversation with our rep, the store manager put First Mile forward as a proposition – and we’re now in discussions with their Head Office for the whole chain.

Pretty awesome. And you know what’s even better? First Mile says Geopointe has helped quadruple the ROI of its field sales team. Sustainable future indeed.

Joe Allen, Sarah’s colleague at First Mile will be speaking about Geopointe at Dreamforce this year. You can hear him at the Small and Medium Business Keynote in the Product Keyonte room in Moscone West, Wed, Oct. 15th at 2:00 PM. You can also download this, and other  Geopointe customer success stories here on our customers page.



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