CycleCause: A Ride Across America to End Severe Acute Malnutrition

Our friend  Luke Mysse, founder of STOP SAM and CycleCause, is set to accomplish his mission tomorrow of riding his bike across America to help fight Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM). Luke is an extremely passionate cyclist who originally got into it for personal health reasons and, according to Luke, “cycling saved my life”. He personally inspired me (and probably 20-50 others) to start cycling too. Earlier this year, he decided to set aside his career as a marketing/branding expert to focus on the STOP SAM non-profit he founded. To kick things off, CycleCause was formed to be his first campaign and he went big deciding to cycle across America. He kicked off from San Diego on June 20 and is arriving in New York City tomorrow.

His ride ends tomorrow, but his efforts to STOP SAM are only beginning. Please consider supporting the cause with a donation. How to learn more…

Arrowpointe sponsored his efforts by taking care of all his navigation needs including the Garmin for his bike and one for haRVey (the RV his family rides in).

We are very proud of our friend, Luke, and he’s just getting started!

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