Salesforce Community: Midwest Dreamin’

Have you ever been to a Salesforce User Group? If you have not, you should definitely make time to attend. There is so much to learn from others in the Salesforce community about what they have done that has worked – or even what hasn’t worked. Several of us at Arrowpointe have served as Salesforce user group leaders at one point or another, so we really appreciate all the hard work and fun that goes into these gatherings.  Tomorrow, we will be at a very special user group gathering – Midwest Dreamin’ being held in Chicago. Midwest Dreamin’ is kind of like a super user group meeting. A handful of leaders in the midwest had a vision to band together to host a larger regional gathering, with marquee quality speakers from Salesforce, and special educational sessions led by star Salesforce MVP Community members and others.

Keynote speakers include Peter Coffee, and community favorites Shawna Wolverton, and Todd Enders. Mike Gerholdt, the Button Click Admin will be there, as will Steve Molis of Salesforce Answers fame. This is going to be a great event, and we are really excited to be there.  If you are attending, we will be exhibiting in the sponsors area, so please stop by and say hello.

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