Heart Stopping Maps Help Christiana Care Health System Manage Blood Pressure

Today we have another guest blog post from one of our happy customers, Christiana Care Health System. Christiana Care is a patient focused health care organization that does more than just pay lip service to their focus on their customers. Servant leadership is at the core of their guiding principles, and they treat every person they serve as their neighbor.

Christiana Care Health System uses Geopointe as part of its Salesforce.com instance to focus its marketing, fundraising, and policy decisions.  Geopointe helps Christiana Care visualize the need of the community it serves (using built-in demographic layers), plan promotions and outreach (based on what and where promotions have worked before), and evaluate the effectiveness of its efforts.

Recently, medical and administrative leaders sought the help of the demographic and behavior information in Salesforce and Geopointe to plan a major initiative to combat high blood pressure, an epidemic in Delaware and across the nation.  Mapped data from a pilot project and other heart disease initiatives showed that Christiana Care’s heart outreach programs have been very effective in reaching every U.S. Census block group in the communities where people were more likely to have heart disease.

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Reaching heart-concerned patients in very low-income (30% below NCCo median HH incomes) U.S. Census Block Groups (any area not brown).  Each pin is a household; pin color is ZIP code.

So what? Our marketing is reaching all areas and motivating people to act.

Showing these maps and data to supporters enabled advocates to obtain funding to quadruple the program over the next three years.  Salesforce and Geopointe will continue to be used to plan, implement and evaluate efforts to help communities manage high blood pressure and improve public health.

We’re so proud of being a small part of helping Christiana Care accomplish their goals, and serve their patients – their neighbors. We continue to be amazed with how creative Geopointe customers are with our app. We look forward to sharing more of our customer’s success stories in the near future. If you have not subscribed to our blog, you should!  What could your company achieve with geolocation in Salesforce.com? Take a free test drive, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your wildest geolocation use case. We love helping our customers succeed, and can probably  help you make it happen.


The Christiana Care Way is “We serve our neighbors as respectful, expert, caring partners in their health. We do this by creating innovative, effective, affordable systems of care that our neighbors value.” Chris Johansen is a senior marketing manager and analyst for the cancer and orthopaedic services division, plus all outpatient practices. Chris created and continues to manage Christiana’s award-winning patient and physician customer relationship management system, built on the Salesforce.com platform.

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