Soapbox Mailer + Geopointe = #Geolicious

Over the past 6 months, we have gotten to know Ryan Ozimek, CEO of PICnet, a B Corporation out of Washington DC who bring open source software and services to the hard-working non-profits and socially responsible businesses that make our world a better place.  Ryan came to us with an exciting story about one of his clients that was using our app along with Soapbox Mailer, a mass email tool that his company built, and sells on the AppExchange (it’s pretty dang cool too – completely native and true to the core – makes great use of some parts of Salesforce that get underutilized).

Blue Water Baltimore is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of rivers and streams in Baltimore County, and a Soapbox customer. One day, Vincent Vizachero, who runs marketing and social (and a bunch of other things) for them showed Ryan how he was using Geopointe together with Soapbox Mailer to do some quick, targeted email outreach. Vincent was able to perform ad hoc radial searches against his database of supporters to invite them to local events like tree plantings, or restaurant hosted fundraisers. He was also able to create saved shapes in Geopointe based on specific legislative districts to target people who would care about and take action on relevant bills.  Geopointe allowed him to hone in on the supporters that were within a certain geographic region, quickly add them to campaigns in Salesforce with our Add to Campaign Action, and then email them with Soapbox Mailer, all without leaving Salesforce.

We met with Vincent and Ryan and put together a Customer Success Story on Blue Water’s use of Soapbox Mailer and Geopointe together. Also, if you work for a non-profit and are in the Washington D.C. area, PICnet is having their annual user Summit this week, find out more here.

We were pretty impressed and excited to see how Blue Water is using Geopointe to further the cause of clean water in the Baltimore area. We are proud to work with lots of other NPO’s. How can we help your NPO do more by understanding the WHERE in your Salesforce data?

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