Cirrus Insight + Geopointe = #Geolicious!

Cirrus Insight + Geopointe = GeoliciousYou have Salesforce, you have Gmail – hopefully, you also have Cirrus Insight  – the number one app for integrating Salesforce with Gmail. We are big fans of Cirrus Insight here at Arrowpointe. Our day is so much easier having Salesforce data served up right inside of Gmail. Now, Cirrus has added support for any custom Salesforce button in the Gmail side panel. Geopointe includes custom buttons that you can add to your lead or contact page layouts that allow you to instantly open a map with that lead or contact’s location as the center point. Once you add those custom map buttons to your page layouts, they will automatically be exposed in Cirrus Insight.  Now when you open an email from a contact, you can quickly quickly get to a Geopointe map, and once we’re on that map, we can easily find other contacts or leads nearby, and add them to a route.

Here’s how it works:

This is all possible because the platform makes these pieces easily accessible across cloud apps. How will having a map of your contact’s location quickly accessible from your email make you better at your job?

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