Developing for Salesforce Mobile – From the Perspective of a Salesforce MVP

Jason Venable is the Director of Application Development at Geopointe, a MVP, and a former MVP. He has spent the past few months since Dreamforce 2014 making our app Geopointe work on the Salesforce mobile platform. Because Salesforce mobile is so new and amazing, it made sense to take some time to set up a Google Hangout, and chat about his experience working with this new platform. Of course, you don’t need to write code to create an app on Salesforce mobile… but just like the whole platform, you can take a clicks only approach, and you can also build apps like Geopointe that take advantage of all the great web technologies available.

Check out Jason’s developer blog: Tehnrd, follow him on Twitter @TehNrd, and find the Salesforce1 developer docs he mentions here.

Also, check out a Salesforce mobile Developer week event near you here.

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