Marketo + Geopointe = #Geolicious

Marketo and Geopointe This week is Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco. We recently decided to invest in Marketo internally as our marketing automation tool, and since this week is Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco, we thought it would be cool to highlight how using Geopointe to build geographically targeted campaigns in Salesforce can compliment your Marketo strategy.

Campaigns in Salesforce are not the only way you get leads or contacts into Marketo to engage them with your email programs, but it’s one way. Also, the automation that Marketo brings to Salesforce is very powerful, and campaigns is one piece in that puzzle.

The typical means of getting leads and contacts into a Salesforce campaign involves filtering your data for various criteria, and probably involves several reports.  Geopointe lets you do all that filtering visually, based on location. Just draw one or more shapes onto a map, visually targeting where you would like to focus your marketing efforts, and then the shapes becomes your filter. You can save the shapes you created, and use them again and again. You can even layer contacts and leads, and even cross object data like contact roles from an opportunity, or an account onto the map, all at the same time, and then add them all to your campaign in one fell swoop.

Want to see a video of how that all works? I thought you would. Here’s an excerpt from our Geopointe Overview webinar from last week.

If you want to try this yourself, just get our free trial installed in your Salesforce org, and test it out on your own data. You can start creating your own geographically targeted campaigns in under an hour.

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