Why Your CRM Needs Geolocation

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Salesforce Geolocation Integration: The Next Step

Integrating location-based services with existing CRM data provides tremendous value for your sales team. Traditionally, Salesforce has focused on the Who (prospect), What (lead source), and When (schedule of upcoming demos, etc.).

Geolocation gives you the Where, and takes your data to the next level. Visualization and mapping insights can elevate your CRM to another level of performance. Salesforce geolocation tools enable your sales team to dynamically map current and future customers, optimize sales travel, create geographic marketing campaigns, and ultimately, connect and see your customers in a whole new way.

Geopointe is the premier geo-mapping solution for Salesforce. Available on the Salesforce AppExchange, Geopointe integrates Salesforce data with Google Maps and other leading location-based technologies to help visualize your Salesforce data geographically.

Search, Map and Route with Salesforce Data

Providing comprehensive and deep integration with your existing Salesforce data, Geopointe is used to search that data around the world. Whether you are searching for prospects within a 15 mile radius of your current location or defining premium-tier SLA accounts by major metropolitan regions, Geopointe offers multiple tools to help isolate exactly where to search for information.

Every day is different for your sales team. They may deliver product demos to their leads, meet with existing clients, or network with previous customers. By directly integrating Salesforce data with industry-leading mapping technology, Geopointe enables your sales team to increase productivity by building routes, adding business listings on the fly, and optimizing routes in real-time. Additionally, Geopointe can add leads and contacts to a campaign directly from the map, capable of crossing Salesforce data relationships to do so.

The Salesforce mobile app allows full connectivity to your apps, devices, data, and customers on a mobile device. Now available inside the Salesforce mobile app environment, Geopointe for Salesforce mobile allows you to perform geographical searches on the go natively inside the app. It’s a powerful tool to search sales or marketing data near your location and post location check-ins to Chatter.

Beyond Location: Advanced Insights

Unlike simple “find nearby” type apps for Salesforce, Geopointe allows your sales team to advance beyond basic map listings and optimized routes to gain potentially new market insights and trends. Geopointe Analytics offers visualization and analysis of Salesforce geolocation data for deeper analysis and intelligence. Starting with a base map of a metropolitan area’s central business district, you could simultaneously visualize individual prospects and lead sources with aggregate business opportunities by ZIP code.

The advanced features don’t stop there. You can also pair Salesforce data with US Census data to glean local understanding. This could be a map of prospects layered with median income demographics for a metropolitan area. To gain more meaningful market insights, external geospatial data layers can be applied to the map. These external sources can reveal potential weakness in your prospect and customer accounts and visualize the geographic areas where you could potentially strengthen your business presence.

Bringing geolocation data to Salesforce is a powerful next step towards becoming a customer-centric company. Geolocation data from Geopointe allows you to fully visualize the Where – from future customers and business opportunities to fundamental geographic understanding of the marketplace. Visualizing the Where allows you to understand customers and data in a new way. Geopointe disrupts the market’s traditional understanding of CRM.

To learn more, submit your demo request today! You will be amazed at what you can learn by seeing the Where in your Salesforce data.

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