Sales Comparison Mapping with Geopointe Analytics

Have you ever wanted to understand how your organizations sales are trending in a geographical area? How is product A doing vs product B in the Midwest? Where are sales trending up? Where are sales trending down?

Trend reporting in Salesforce has always been challenging, but Geopointe Analytics powered by SpatialKey allows you to do this kind of reporting, and more.

Check out this video showing how you can compare revenue from one year to another year by US Geography. See at a glance where you are increasing in revenue, and where you are decreasing in revenue.

Geopointe Analytics is included with every Geopointe trial. If you are already using Geopointe, you can reach out to us, and we will turn on an Analytics trial for you. Also, join us at our upcoming Geopointe Analytics Deep Dive Webinar for the opportunity to learn more about how you can create stunning and insightful visualizations like this with your Salesforce data. Sign up here.

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