Google Maps API Update (No More Free Google Maps in Salesforce)

Google has recently updated their terms of service for the Google Maps API. Starting February 1, 2014, the commercial use of the Google Maps API will require a Google Maps API for Business license. You can see a copy of Salesforce’s explanation here.


What does this mean?

Apps such as Find Nearby by Salesforce Labs and any others that use the free Google Maps keys will stop functioning beginning February 1. Many organizations use Find Nearby and similar apps for critical business needs.

What are my options?

Geopointe, the premier mapping application on the Salesforce platform, handles the Google licensing for you by utilizing a Google Maps for Business license.

geopointe as fn replacement

In position as the 5th most popular commercial app on AppExchange and with almost 240 AppExchange reviews Geopointe is the obvious choice.

Would you like to learn more?

There are a number of ways to learn more about Geopointe.

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