Geopointe & Upcoming Google Maps API Changes

Many Salesforce administrators are receiving emails from Salesforce (a copy is here) explaining changes occurring to the Google Maps API Terms of Service on February 1. 

Google will no longer allow the free Google Maps keys to work inside of Salesforce because it violates their Terms of Service, which require these maps to be displayed publicly. As you know, Salesforce is a secure environment for your organization and your data is not available publicly.

Apps like the free Find Nearby app from Salesforce Labs and any other apps leveraging the free Google Maps API are impacted. This may also impact in-house development you’ve performed using Google Maps.

This change does not impact Geopointe. Geopointe will continue to operate normally after Google makes their changes on February 1. 

We license Google Maps for Business in an OEM capacity, meaning that we are licensed to utilize Google Maps within Salesforce and provide it to you in the form of Geopointe. Since Geopointe’s inception in 2010, we have had valid licensing with Google. That is one of the benefits of utilizing Geopointe. We have licensing with each mapping vendor so that you don’t have to.

If you’d like to learn more about Geopointe, please feel free to contact us or join one of our weekly webinars.

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