Geopointe is Getting to the Future First with Salesforce Mobile

Dreamforce 2013 had the requisite ‘forward looking statements’ (hashtag Safe Harbour) from, but for the first time, in a long time, one of those ‘forward looking statements’ was already part of the here and now. We’re talking, of course, about Salesforce mobile (previously known as Salesforce1 and SF1), the completely reimagined version of’s mobile app. Most people in the Salesforce world have heard of Saleforce mobile by now. We have had our share of customers asking if Geopointe is available on Salesforce mobile.

Well with our December 2013 Release, we are proud to say that at least part of Geopointe is available on Salesforce mobile. is obviously making this top priority as their mobile strategy, and as an ISV, we are officially  making it our mobile strategy as well. Several of our team members had the opportunity to talk with Product managers as well as attend special Salesforce1 events, that enabled us to see and understand just how much time and effort has been invested in this product, and how committed to this direction the company is, from the top down.

With the December release of Geopointe, we have introduced the ability to check in to Salesforce records via Salesforce mobile. This is accomplished very simply with a custom Publisher Action that can be deployed to users as easy as modifying a page layout. As we go forward adopting Salesforce mobile as our mobile platform, we wanted to take something simple that is at the heart of geolocation and mobile to get started, and to prove out the platform from a dev standpoint. So we chose check-ins.

We are very pleased with how our first release on Salesforce mobile has turned out, and looking forward to bringing even more Geopointe functionality to Salesforce mobile with each subsequent release. Check out our Salesforce mobile page on our support site to see how easy it is to set up Geopointe Check-Ins for Salesforce mobile.

This definitely feels like the right decision, and we are excited to get to the future along with

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