10 Apps That Make a Big Difference

confusedThe AppExchange has over 2,000 apps that have been downloaded more than 2,000,000 times. These range from free, niche apps to entire application suites. What do you choose?

While there are many choices on AppExchange, the cream does rise to the top. Learn about 10 of those apps, including Geopointe, at Dreamforce by attending the session:

AppExchange: 10 Little Apps That Make a Big Difference
Thursday, November 21st: 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
Moscone Center West, 3024

If you cannot make it to Dreamforce or just want some more insight into narrowing down your search, try the following when visiting the AppExchange:

  • Start with the high-level category you need and see what’s popular (e.g. try Geolocation)
  • With popularity as a guide, look at review counts and scores. You should now have a handful of apps to look into.
  • Open each listing in a browser tab.
    • Do the reviews look genuine? If not, you might want to look elsewhere.
    • Look at each listing and see what other apps are often installed alongside. Do you see other apps from that same category? Top quality apps tend to surface themselves on competitor’s listings.
    • Is pricing clear? If you see “contact us for pricing”, buyer beware.
    • Hopefully you have it narrowed down to 1 to 3 apps.
  • Run a trial. Nothing proves an app more than its trial period. If it’s difficult to install or get access to, consider yourself warned. An app should be as easy to try as Salesforce.com itself.
  • Ask questions of the vendor during your trial. Are they responsive? If they aren’t working to get your business, how will they work to keep it?
  • Ask around. Use social media to solicit opinions and feedback.
  • Beta test with some users. Many apps allow you to assign licenses to a handful of your users to test. Make sure it works for them.

While there is lots to choose from, the process can actually be quite fun. Be patient. Take your time and choose the app that makes the most sense for you in the long run.

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