Geopointe Success: Check-ins

The check-ins feature allows Geopointe users on the road to check in at a location. The information can be sent to Chatter or placed on the record as a created task. This walk-through is going to give you a quick use case for Check-ins and how the functionality could fit into your business model.

Situation: A sales rep is out visiting prospective accounts, giving them the personal touch to make a sale. Inside sales wants to see that the needs of their potential customers are being met, and see if there’s something they need to check on
Mobile App
Post to Chatter
Log a Task

Set Up Geopointe for Checkins:
Create Checkins as a Map Object (Can refer to existing Custom obj post)
Recommended Checkin Data Set(s)(can refer to the data sets page, but would be good to add some recommended ones)

Leverage Salesforce Platform Features:
Create Checkin Alerts (Workflow Rule based on Distance from Location) write something about how mobile device GPS is not 100 % accurate, so have a little grace)
Create Some SF Reports (build some reports on the Checkin object…Last Weeks Checkin Exceptions, Last Weeks Checkins by Rep…)

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