Geopointe Update: Places, Open Street Map, Tooltips…

We put out an update to Geopointe over the weekend and users should notice a few exciting changes.

Places Search

Users can now tap into an external databases of business listings (“Places”). A new “Search” tab at the top of the Geopointe screen allows you to tap into an external database for business/landmark listings. The data is provided by Nokia’s Places API. Now users can add non-Salesforce data to their routes and make sense of “where” there Salesforce data is by getting context from other sources.

Open Street Map

For users of our Google Maps integration, we added a layer that allows you to use Open Street Map tiles. OpenStreetMap is a free worldwide map, created by the public. View Open Street Map layers by clicking that option in the upper right of the Google Map.


To help users better understand the app, we have begun adding tooltips to help explain how things work. These are available simply by hovering over the help icons around the various Geopointe pages.

Easy Access to My Settings

We have brought many personal settings right onto the Map page for easier access. Use these settings to hide the sidebar, number your map pins, set the default starting map and more.

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